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About Us

Metallurgical Industries Co.

Egyptian Holding Company

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- A public works subsidiary of the engineering industries CO it is one of the basis of the heavy and light industries.

 - The total area of the factory reaches about 501967 M2. On which the following production units has been erected:

  1. Material preparation shop.
  2. Chain cables and their accessories production shop.
  3. Die forging shop.
  4. Free forging shop.
  5. Forged parts heat treatment shop.
  6. Dies and spare parts heat treatment shop.
  7. Machining shop.
  8. Dies and spare parts manufacturing shop.
  9. Laboratories.

As well as the auxiliary service and management units. 
- The factory has begun working in 1964 with a designed capacity of 12000 tons/year.



Company activities

  1. Producing forged parts for automotive and vehicle industries such as : 
    Rocker arm – pinion – crankshaft – camshaft – cross of the first drive – rear axle – cover for differential housing – release lever – rear spring shackle – geared arm – pump gear – hub of rear wheel – rear axle shaft – bevel toothed rim – draw hook – brake pedal lever – front axle – tractor parts…etc.
  2. Producing forged and ready machined parts for railways such as : 
    Buffer rod – screw coupling – suspension unit – draw hooks of different types – brake rod – brake lever – fish plate – base plate – fixing clips of different types …etc.
  3. Producing gear and forged parts for machine building diesel engines and light vehicles industries.
  4. Producing forged and machined gear for spinning and waving factories as well as transmission gear for metro and tramway wagons.
  5. Supplying of forged and machined steel flanges for petroleum industries (blind – slip on – welding neck …etc) Welding neck of size ½ up to 12 inch while slip on and blind flanges up to 24 inch.
  6. Producing insulator carrier for electrification projects.
  7. Producing non – calibrated chains and their accessories (hook – swivel – shackle and link…etc) 6-40MM diameter. 
     Producing calibrated chains and their accessories 6-16 chain cables are manufactured under the supervision and approval of Lloyd’s register of shipping. 
    Producing heat – resistance chains for cement industry.
  8. producing hammers and spare parts of mills for cement industry.
  9. manufacturing of conveyors either pieces or assembled with buckets for cement, sub-ground drainage and sugar industries. Special chain links are produced for grain silos.

Working shops

- Blanking press for bar cutting up to 140mm dia. 
- Disc saw up to 500 mm dia or 400 mm (square). 
- Reciprocating shears up to 120 mm diameter.

Chain plant

Where chains are produced according to DIN for tension and hoistion purpose, as follows :-

  1. Non – calibrated steel chains 6-40mm.
  2. Calibrated steel chain 6-16 mm.
  3. Roundlink chains.
  4. Chains of special specifications.
  5. All chain attachments (swivels – shackles – hinges – chain – end link) the plant is certified by Lloyd’s register of shipping and is listed as a chain producer.

Die Forging Shop

Where parts are hot drop forged up to 100kg weight per piece.

Equipment :

  • Drop forging hammer up to 10 T capacity.
  • Horizontal forging hammers up to 1250 T Capacity.
  • Heating furnaces of different capacities.
  • Handling facilities up to 10 T weight.

Free forging shop

The shop produces free forgings of cylindrical shapes up to 300mm dia, and 2T weight for discs up to 800mm. diameter & 1000kg weight. 

Equipment :

  • Free forging hammers up to 3T capacity.
  • Heating furnaces of different capacities.
  • Handling facilities up to 5T capacity.

Machining and Diemaking shops

The shops contain :

  • Horizontal lathes for diameters up to 1000 mm. and lengths to 5000 mm.
  • Vertical lathes for diameters up to 1200mm.
  • Horizontal copying lathes for diameters up to 250 mm and up to 2500mm length.

Drills :

  • Upright and radial up to 80mm dia.
  • Broaching machines up to 75mm.


Grindinding machines :

  • Surface grinding up to 320*100 mm.
  • Inner cylindrical up to 80 mm.
  • Outer cylindrical grinding up to 200mm Dia. and 2000m length.
  • Centerless grinding up to 50 mm.

Milling Machines :

  • Vertical milling machines of different sizes (Plano – milling machines up 2000*8000mm.
  • Vertical copy milling machines.
  • Special machines for manufacturing of helical gears up to 750mm, and normal gears up to 1250mm, module up to 12.
  • Spark erosion die – making machine.

  Planers :

  • Planers of various capacities up to 250*4000mm.

Heat treatment shop :

  • The shop is equipped with fully automatic controlled pusher type furnaces of high productivity.
  • All heat treatment operations are performed (normalizing – annealing – hardening – tempering - …etc).
  • There are induction surface treatment high – frequency units and salt baths for treating of tool steels.
  • Surface carbonizing is also performed in our shops.

Design and Technology Department for :

  • Studying of the required products geometrically, their drawings and specimens.
  • Preparing the required details drawing according to product performance.
  • Designing of blanking and forming dies according to customer needs and technical specification.


Our company is equipped with most advanced laboratories for the following purpose : 

  • Sample perpetration and mechanical testing for tension and compression up to 150T, as well as testing for impact and hardness.
  • Sample preparation and inspecting for microstructure.
  • Direct reading of the chemical analysis using the atomic- absorption chemical analyzer.
  • Fine measuring facilities all these facilities enable our company to help our customer to get their optimum needs.
  • Non-destructive testing by ultrasonic


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